Membership - Benefits
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Summary of Member Benefits to the NHVMA

Continuing Education
            -Member preferred rates for 18 hours of continuing education offered spring and fall
Legislative Representation
                  -Lobbyist to track veterinary relevant bills and legislation
            -AVMA representation with elected delegate and alternate delegate

            -e-mail list of all members for important announcements and updates
            -Quarterly newsletter - stay informed about veterinary issues and                        
              activities in the state
            -Membership directory for easy access to member contact information and  
 important government listings
-NHVMA website and facebook page to interact with other members and get  
 updates on current events 
Complaint Resolution
-The ethics committee facilitates communication between disgruntled clients  
 and member veterinarians in an effort to resolve complaints

                - Listings for help wanted, employment, relief veterinarians and other related
                   services posted on the website and in the newsletter at no charge
                -Potential use of the facebook site for these services as well
 Volunteer network of committees and Executive Board
               -Members of the association work on active committees to carry out the work 
                and development of the association
               -Advancement of the profession and development of leadership skills
               -Committees and meetings open to all members
New Hampshire Professionals Health Association
               -Confidential intervention for members with chemical dependency
We are a cohesive organization that provides benefits to veterinarians in many ways. The dues you pay makes this possible. Please take a moment and join the NHVMA and support the organization that supports you and your clients.
Join online at or mail your dues. 
Contact the Executive Director, Cheryl Catrambone at 603-479-9182 with questions.
Help to make the NHVMA strong and JOIN TODAY!
Dear veterinary colleague:
We are asking you to join the New Hampshire Veterinary Medical Association (NHVMA). Consider becoming a member of the organization that supports your profession and your clients! We are an organization comprised of practicing and retired  veterinarians with a wide variety of job descriptions and backgrounds. It is our membership that makes us a vibrant and active group. By joining this organization you become part of a “family“ and you help us to gain strength in numbers. Membership in the NHVMA provides numerous benefits as we strive to promote the highest ethical and professional standards.
Arguably the NHVMA’s most important activity is to monitor and act upon proposed legislation at the state and federal levels that could impact the way you practice medicine. A significant portion of members’ dues is allocated to support these activities carried out by the legislative committee and our lobbying firm. The NHVMA represents your voice in the legislative process, supporting bills that benefit you, your veterinary practice and small business as well as tracking and opposing bills contrary to our interests. We maintain positive relationships with candidates, legislators and government agencies to ensure that they will listen to our concerns and value our opinions as they relate to the interests of veterinarians, the pet owning public and agriculture.
 We provide top-notch continuing education opportunities every spring and fall. This helps you to meet your licensing requirements and gives you a chance to network with other area veterinarians. NHVMA members are given preferred rates. As part of our ongoing work to adapt to the changing needs of our membership we have expanded our spring meeting into a two-day format that includes our annual business meeting. This spring we will be hosting Dr. Joerg Steiner speaking on small animal internal medicine.
In the unfortunate event of a complaint made by a disgruntled client, the ethics committee facilitates communication between the two parties in an attempt to amicably resolve the issue. This process is non-punitive and privately conducted. It is intended to provide peace of mind for all parties and in some cases help veterinarians meet the standard of care.
Another benefit of importance for members with a chemical dependency is the availability of a confidential referral to the New Hampshire Professionals Health Program. This is a comprehensive support program that assists them in getting their life back on track.
The NHVMA provides a wealth of resources. Members have access to our website which provides association information and networking at your fingertips. You can be included in a web based professional directory where potential clients can find you as well as a private one for members only. You can join an e-mail list of members for important announcements and updates from the association and the State Veterinarian. Our newsletter will be available to you at all times on the website keeping you up to date about important veterinary issues and activities in the state. Additionally, there is the NHVMA Facebook page, which posts information about current events and allows you to interact with other members. Members can also have access to our brand new updated rabies protocols as provided by our state veterinarian.
We are a cohesive organization that provides benefits to veterinarians in many ways. The dues you pay make this possible. Please take a moment to join the NHVMA and support the organization that supports you and your clients. If you are already a member, please renew your membership. If you are a practice owner, consider paying for all of your associates’ membership dues. If you are a veterinarian in a neighboring state, we are offering you a reduced membership rate, which will also allow you to get preferred CE rates. 2019 calendar year dues are $185. 
The NHVMA Executive Board meets on the first Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at CAVES in Concord. All members are welcome to join us at any of these meetings. We welcome your input and feedback and we can always benefit from the involvement of our members.