About NHVMA - By-Laws
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ARTICLE I.       Membership


Section (1).  Membership in the NHVMA shall consist of the following classifications:

a.     Regular membership is open to a doctor of veterinary medicine. A regular member may vote on the affairs of the NHVMA and hold office.

b.     First year membership is available to a doctor of veterinary medicine qualified according to paragraph a. of this section who will not have completed twelve (12) months of practice by December 31st of the year of admission to the NHVMA. A first year member has all the rights and privileges of a regular member, but is not required to pay regular dues during the first year of membership.

c.     Retired membership is available to a member of the NHVMA who has completed 35 continuous years as a member from the date of application for membership has retired, and who requests exemption from payment of dues. For this purpose, a retired member is one who has ceased all regular employment and whose annual earnings from occasional professional activity or other employment do not exceed the maximum earning limit established by the U. S. Government to remain qualified for social security retirement benefits. He/she shall continue to have a vote and the right to hold office.

d.     Honorary membership may be voted by the membership for any person who has made a single contribution to the science of veterinary medicine, or who has distinguished himself/herself in any branch of medical science or a related field. An honorary member is exempt from paying dues, shall not vote and shall not hold office.

e.     Veterinary students are eligible to join the NHVMA as non-voting members and are exempt from paying dues up to the date of graduation from an AVMA accredited veterinary school.


Section (2).  Candidates for Membership

a.     Each application for membership shall be submitted in the application blank of the NHVMA. The application must be accompanied by the current dues which sum shall be returned if the application is rejected.

b.     Any member may propose a candidate for honorary membership, the reasons given in writing to the Executive Board which shall consider the proposal at its next meeting.  If favorably recommended, the person shall be voted upon by the NHVMA at a subsequent session. A majority of votes cast shall confirm him/her as an honorary member.


ARTICLE II.      Meetings of the NHVMA


Section (1).  Due notice of the meeting shall be given by the Secretary or Executive Director.


Section (2).  Special meetings shall be called by the President or in his/her absence, by the President-Elect, upon written request of ten (10) or more members of the NHVMA. A notice of such special meeting and its subject shall be given at least 10 days before said meeting. The President is also authorized to call meetings at his/her discretion, the members being duly notified as above.


Section (3).  At a special meeting only the business which has been specified in the requisition, and in the published call for the meeting, shall be transacted.


Section (4).  Fifteen (15) members shall be a quorum for the transaction of business, and a quorum shall always be presumed present at the annual meeting, unless an actual count is called for.

Section (5).  In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall preside. In case neither of these is present, the NHVMA shall elect a President pro-tempore from the floor.


Section (6).  All questions of order not specially provided for shall be decided by the usual parliamentary rules; Robert's Rules of Order being taken as the guide and standard.


Section (7).  All resolutions presented to the NHVMA shall be in writing and be referred without discussion to the membership at least one (1) month before the next regularly scheduled meeting of the NHVMA.


ARTICLE III.     Officers


Section (1).  President

a.     It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings of the NHVMA and to preserve order and decorum.

b.     The President shall appoint all standing committees and additional committees as needed unless otherwise ordered by the NHVMA and shall perform all duties prescribed by the by-laws and resolutions of the NHVMA.

c.     The President shall have no vote except when the votes are evenly divided, and in the election of officers.

d.     The President shall keep on file all documents relating to the NHVMA that may come into his/her care or transfer these to the Executive Director.


Section (2).  Vice President

a.     It shall be the duty of the Vice President to preside in the absence of the President.

b.     The Vice President shall generally assume the office of the President following the term of the current President or upon resignation of the current President and at the next annual meeting if approved by majority vote of the members present.

c.     It shall be the duty of the Vice President to chair a standing committee.


Section (3).  Secretary

a.     The Secretary shall keep the records of the proceedings of the NHVMA. He/she shall record the names of all applications for membership.

b.     The Secretary shall keep a record of the proceedings of all meetings of the NHVMA, a list of the officers, standing committees, and all classes of members and their addresses along with the Executive Director.

c.     The Secretary shall present all correspondence received to the Executive Board at regular intervals.

Section  4.  Treasurer

a.     The Treasurer shall receive all dues and fees and have charge of the funds of the NHVMA.

b.     The Treasurer shall pay all bills of the NHVMA which he knows to be true and correct.

c.     The Treasurer shall be bonded for a sum equal to the largest average balance on hand at any one time during the year.

d.    The Treasurer shall be responsible for the preparation of the yearly tax return of the NHVMA in consultation with an accountant.

e.     The Treasurer shall submit a detailed report of income and expenses at each annual meeting. The report shall be audited by the Executive Board.

f.     The Treasurer shall recommend to the Executive Board the amount of dues for all classes of membership to the NHVMA for the upcoming year. The recommendation will be based on expenses projected by the Executive Board.

ARTICLE IV.     Executive Board

Section (1).  Composition

The Executive Board shall consist of the elective officers, two immediate living Past Presidents, and the chair of each standing committee of the NHVMA or a designated member, and the AVMA Delegate or Alternate Delegate. At the discretion of the President, the NH State Veterinarian may also serve ex-officio without vote.


Section (2).  Meetings

The Executive Board shall meet regularly and before each scheduled meeting of the NHVMA. In addition, the President may call a meeting of the Executive Board whenever he/she deems it necessary.


Section (3).  Quorum and Records

A majority of the voting members of the Executive Board shall be a quorum for transaction of business. The records of the proceedings of the Executive Board shall be kept by the Secretary.


Section (4).  Duties

a.     The Executive Board shall have all the powers of the NHVMA between meetings of the membership except for those powers especially reserved by the Constitution or By-Laws as prerogatives of the membership.

b.     The Executive Board shall review and act on all requests and recommendations of the Ethics Committee and shall decide whether to bring such recommendation before the membership.

c.     The Executive Board shall review the recommendations of the Treasurer relative to the dues structure for the upcoming year and shall confirm or change the recommendation at the annual meeting.



ARTICLE V.      Standing Committees


Section (1).  The Standing Committees will consist of a chairperson and any additional members as deemed necessary by the President.


Section (2).  Continuing Education Committee

The committee shall provide continuing education programs for both large and small animal practitioners in the state.


Section (3).  Ethics Committee

The committee shall be responsible for promoting methods of practice in the profession which contribute to the ethical and professional standards that pertain to the practice of veterinary medicine, The immediate past chairperson of the NH Board of Veterinary Medicine shall serve ex-officio without vote (as advisor).


Section (4).  Public Relations Committee

The responsibility of this committee is to communicate information relating the mutual concerns of the membership and to distribute reliable information about members and the profession to the public. The committee’s activities may include holding workshops, coordinating a speaker’s bureau and using various news and electronic media to disseminate information.


Section (5).  Diagnostic Committee

The committee shall report on the activities of the NH Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory and work with the NHVDL as issues arise that affect the veterinary community.


Section (6).  Memorial Committee

This committee shall prepare and present memorials in the name of deceased members.


Section (7).  Humane Society Liaison Committee

The committee shall promote communication between the NHVMA and humane organizations in the state of New Hampshire.

Section (8).  Impairment Committee (Wellness Committee)

This committee shall aid members with problems relating to substance abuse.


Section (9). The President may convene any of the various standing committees when necessary.



ARTICLE VI.     Delegate of the AVMA


Section (1).  Delegate and Alternate Delegate

The Delegate and Alternate Delegate to the annual meeting of the AVMA House of Delegates shall be elected to a term of four years or until their successors are elected. Election years will be 2019, 2023, 2027 and every four years thereafter.


Section (2).  Duties

The AVMA Delegate and Alternate Delegate shall be responsible for liaison between the AVMA and the Congressional Delegation of New Hampshire.





Section (1).  The membership dues determined by the NHVMA shall be paid annually.


Section (2).  The Treasurer shall recommend to the Executive Board the dues structure of the various classes of members for the upcoming year. After review, the Executive Board shall make a recommendation to the membership which shall be voted by the members at the annual meeting. If no recommendation is made to the membership, a three percent (3%) increase will be added to the existing structure for the upcoming year.


Section (3).  A registration fee may be charged at any symposium-type meeting, commensurate with expenses of the meeting.


Section (4).  Any member twelve (12) months in arrears shall be notified twice (2) by the Treasurer within six (6) months, and, if the arrears are not paid before the next regular meeting of the NHVMA, the Treasurer shall report said delinquency to the Executive Board for consideration of suspension from membership.

Section (5).  The Executive Board may excuse the following members from the payment of dues:

a.     A member for whom the payment of dues would be a financial hardship by reason of physical disability or illness; or

b.     A member who certifies that he she is permanently disabled and can no longer engage in veterinary activity as a full-time occupation; or

c.     A member whom the Executive Board determines should be granted dues-exempt status because of extenuating circumstances.

d.     A first year member who will not have completed twelve (12) months of practice by December 31st of the year of admission to the NHVMA.

e.     A retired member who meets the criteria predetermined by the NHVMA and who has requested dues exemption.

f.     An honorary member.

g.     A veterinary student currently enrolled in an AVMA accredited veterinary school and in good academic standing.



ARTICLE VIII.   Candidate for the NH Board of Veterinary Medicine


Section (1).  The Executive Board shall, at the Fall CE meeting, submit the names of three (3) resident members for confirmation by the NHVMA which, when approved, will be submitted to the Governor and Council of the State of New Hampshire in consideration for the selection of one member position to serve on the NH Board of Veterinary Medicine for a term of five (5) years.


Section (2).  The President of the NHVMA shall notify the Governor by letter the names of the candidates immediately following the meeting.



ARTICLE IX.     Code of Ethics


The NHVMA adopts the Code of Ethics of the American Veterinary Medical Association as the code of ethics for the NHVMA. Members of the NHVMA are expected to conduct themselves according to the adopted Code. Any flagrant violation of the Code may subject the violator to expulsion from the NHVMA.



ARTICLE X.      Amendment


Section (1).  Any motion for suspension of any article of the Constitution, or of the By-Laws, excepting as herein provided, must be offered in writing, signed by the party making the motion and must be adopted by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present at the annual meeting or special meeting, or otherwise by a majority vote of the NHVMA Executive Board.


Section (2).  A  By-Law may be suspended for the purpose of facilitating important business of the NHVMA, but suspension must not interfere with the vested rights of any member.


Section (3).  A suspension of the By-Laws may be made by two-thirds (2/3) of the members present at the annual meeting or special meeting, or otherwise by a majority vote of the NHVMA Executive Board, for the purpose of changing the published order of business.


Section (4).  All proposals for alteration of the Constitution or By-Laws shall be stated in writing. No alteration proposed shall be acted on until it has been referred to the Executive Board and presented anew by them. All the members of the NHVMA shall be notified at least fourteen (14) days prior to any action thereon.



ARTICLE XI.     NHVMA Scholarship Fund, Inc


The NHVMA Scholarship Fund, Inc. is a separate corporation that shall report its activities to the New Hampshire Veterinary Medical Association.