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NHVMA CE Meetings

Cytology Techniques & Interpretation

-6 Credits (RACE Approved)-


- Suitable for both large and small animal veterinarians with a large animal specific breakout from 3:30-4:30pm*

Denise Wunn

Sponsored by: 

Castleton - Windham, NH
8:30am-4:30pm / November 6th
7:30-8:30 Registration

Fall CE Program Description:

Have you ever been frustrated by seeing “Nondiagnostic” on your pathology report? Have you felt like the microscope is your worst enemy? Would you like more confidence in looking at cytology specimens?

If you answered yes, this is the session for you! We'll explore how to get the most from your pathology samples and establish a collaborative relationship with your pathologist. A few “tips and tricks” not seen in textbooks will be offered. Interpretation of cytology samples will begin with review of basic principles, followed by an interactive session where you can try your hand at making the diagnosis!

* Large Animal Veterinarian one hour breakout

Agritourism for Veterinarians: Learning the Tools to Improve Animal & Public Health Risk Management

The main goal of this 1 Hour training (1 CE Credit) is to increase the knowledge of private livestock veterinarians who serve clients operating agritourism farms by equipping them with the latest knowledge about how to mitigate potential public health risks related to zoonotic diseases. This particular program is part of a multi-year project by the USDA to improve knowledge among all those involved in agritourism farms to improve animal health and minimize the public health risks on those operations.

Advanced Equine Ophthalmology

In Partnership with VetPD / Fri 24th Jan 2020 - Sat 25th Jan 2020


NHVMA Spring CE 2020
-Marriott Nashua, NH-

Behaviorist Dr. Christopher Pachel joins us
Friday, April 3 & Saturday, April 4, 2020

Sponsored by:

NHVMA Fall CE 2020
Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Catherine Scott-Moncrieff joins us
Wednesday, November 4

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