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 Mission: To support veterinary medicine and animal agriculture in the state of New Hampshire through financial support of candidates running for the state legislature. Toaccomplish this mission, candidates will be identified who support the legislative goals set forth by New Hampshire Veterinary Medical Association. Funds for this purpose will be raised via contributions from NHVMA members, their families, and NHVMA employees.

Why support a Political Action Committee?
Most of us would never have imagined a bill which would allow anyone to practice veterinary medicine in the state of New Hampshire with no requirement for licensure.
But, it did happen. It took a lot of effort by many individuals to remove this piece of legislation. This may be an extreme example but, the truth is that a great deal of the
NHVMA Executive Boards time is spent dealing with legislative issues which directly impact the practice of veterinary medicine.  NHVMA PAC will allow individual NHVMA members to have a collective voice on issues which concern the practice of veterinary medicine in the state of New Hampshire. As a strong cohesive group our opinions will garner greater respect and recognition, thus allowing us to deliver our message more effectively than we could as individuals.  New Hampshire has a large dynamic legislature. Every legislative session, legislation is introduced which will impact veterinary practice and animal welfare. The NHVMA and its lobbyist spend many hours identifying these bills, explaining and defending their positions. Having legislators who respect the NHVMA and understand our profession seek us out for opinions or recommendations will enhance the effectiveness of our legislative committee and lobbyist.
The volunteers and staff of your NHVMA work diligently to support the best interests of its members, their clients and patients. By becoming a contributing member of the
NHVMA PAC you will be part of a group serving to strengthen the recognition of the NHVMA in Concord, enhancing their ability to obtain the organization’s legislative goals.
Please contribute to your NHVMA PAC. If each NHVMA member would contribute $25 we would have an effective political action committee. Larger contributions increase our
ability to reach out to legislators. Contributions can be sent to the NHVMA office, the board members or the address below. NHVMA can not accept checks from a business
account.Thank you for your support.
PAC Board Members:
Michael J. Norris, VMD - Chair
George Messenger, DVM - Treas.
Jane Barlow, DVM
New Hampshire Veterinary Medical Association Political Action Committee
285 White Mountain Highway
Milton, NH 03851
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